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What can Gemini DNS do for you?

Bypass Geoblocking

Use HTTPS for website access, you can safely access any website, APP or program without any restrictions. Enjoy free Internet access.

Digital Privacy

Gemini DNS can ensure that browsing operators cannot trace your browsing history and records.

Advanced Security

You can safely visit any websites, your network will not be maliciously compromised or redirected to phishing websites.

Download to all interfaces

We do not store any records

We take this very seriously: we do not store your online access records. Some VPNs or DNS will store your browsing logs and provide them to legal officials.
We can't, because our software design has no logs.

Feel simple Free for life

Gemini DNS does not require any settings, no registration, one-click, and Gemini DNS is guaranteed to be free for life.

DNS leak risk

Even if the VPN tunnel hides your traffic, sometimes there are DNS queries that cannot protect your device. This is called "DNS Leak". If your DNS leaks, then unauthorized people, such as yours ISPs and DNS server operators have a way to check which websites you visit and any applications you have used. Operators can block access to some websites, or some operators may have hijacking, so there is a certain risk.
DNS is an Internet address book, which can affect all operations on your Internet. Your browser and other applications use it to find websites and service servers.

Download Gemini DNS
Gemini DNS

Efficient and convenient to add a piece of security to your digital life

Gemini DNS is with you no matter where you are
more than 2,800 servers in 48 countryies around the world

Download Gemini DNS